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Rules, Regulations, & Permit- Required Reading Before You Visit!

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As of January 1, 2014, all riders will be required to carry an ATV Safety Education Card.
The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department ATV Safety Education Course is now online-and it's free! This course provides safety tips for riding in Oregon's dunes, desert and forests as well as training on trail etiquette, riding ethics and environmental concerns.


Riders 15 years of age and under MUST ALSO pass one of two types of hands-on courses IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THEIR ATV SAFETY EDUCATION CARD. There are two types of hands-on courses that satisfy Oregon’s requirements for riders 15 years of age and under.

Click here to find hands-on evaluation.

As with all new rules and requirements, there is some confusion about what is required for youth riders. If you have any questions, please call 1(877) 772-3359 for the best information.

Sound Levels

Increased OHV use and the popularity of aftermarket mufflers means more noise. Noise buffers are located between residential and recreational riding areas, and are closed to motorized travel. Vehicle sound is measured by a decibel meter positioned 20 inches and 45 degrees from the exhaust outlet. Have your vehicle checked! Forest personnel are equipped to provide sound checks. Vehicles operating over the decibel limit are subject to citation.

Want to know if your equipment is too loud before you reach the dunes?? ODKOA staff can do a complimentary sound check to be sure you are legal to ride. ODKOA does not issue citations and leaves it up to the rider to choose whether to comply with local sound rules.

We know our guests love their fast, loud machines! However, we suggest you come equipped with your stock mufflers and leave those special 'pipes' at home. We do carry muffler packing - both high density and low density options in our store for your convenience. Help us keep our dunes open for future generations to enjoy up close and personnel on an off road vehicle!

Decibel limit for Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is 93 decibels.

Decibel Level Graph

Learn More About Sound Rules
All vehicles are required to have an Off Road Permit - this can be an Oregon sticker which is valid for 2 years and costs $10.50 per vehicle. Oregon also honors most state's off road stickers. Go to Oregon Reciprocity website to see whose tags are honored by Oregon. We sell the Oregon Off Road Permit. We only accept cash for the sticker fee. New in 2011, we have an ATM machine for your convenience.
Be sure check out this link to see if your children need to take the
Oregon Online Safety Education Course
prior to your visit to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.
General ATV Safety Information
ATV Safety Info

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